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We're local!

Our produce is grown and packaged in Medina, Ohio. Our Indoor Vertical Farm minimizes harmful transportation food miles and increases shelf-life, and our vegetables are easily traced from farm-to-table.

Pesticide Free

We use no pesticides or herbicides.


Our seeds are carefully selected and non-GMO.

Retailer Benefits

  • Year-round availability
  • Consistent supply
  • Longer shelf-life with less shrink
  • Safely grown
  • Wide variety
  • Customizable mixes
  • Fast response to changing demand
  • No weather issues
  • Traceability from farm to fork
  • Controlled growth cycle

Local Message

Help support the local movement with Buckeye Fresh. All our product packaging and point-of-purchase speaks "local" to the consumer.


We provide point-of-purchase merchandising, and direct-messaging via in-store product demos. Once people try our veggies... they're hooked!


We are GAP Certified by the USDA for food safety and product traceability; "From seed-to-package," as we say!

For more information about carrying our products, please contact Kim Hookway This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 330.441.4217